Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art



Santosh Kshirsagar






1) Shri S. B. Kshirsagar, M.F.A. (Applied Art)

2) Shri V. D. Samant, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

3) Shri S. Y. Nandoskar, B.F.A. ( Applied Art)

4) Shri S. G. Jog, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

5) Shri G. S. Shepal, B.F.A. ( Applied Art) B.A., B.J

6) Shri G. V. Pangrekar, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

7) Shri A.Z. Gharde, M.F.A. (Applied Art)

8) Shri K. L. Pulkundwar, B.F.A. (Applied Art) *

9) Shri A. S. Vilekar, M.F.A. (Applied Art) *

10) Shri S. H. Kurwade, B.F.A. (Applied Art) *

The appointments marked with * are on temporary basis.



i) Registrar

ii) Librarian

Besides the above full-fledged staff, experts from the profession are also invited for lectures.

Fellow Student standing first in order of merit in the Degree Examination in Applied Art is appointed as fellow annually.


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