Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art

Rules & Regulations

All students must read and comply by the rules of the college as contained in this prospectus and with the official notice appearing from time to time on the notice board.

1) Students of this college shall abide by the rules and regulations at present in force that may hereafter be made for the administration of the college and shall do nothing inside or outside the college that will interfere with its orderly administration. Guardians/Parents are presumed to have agreed to the rules when their ward joined the college.

2) No student shall be allowed in the college premises without his/her Identity Card, which must be produced whenever demanded by any member of the staff.

3) Students must provide themselves with their own materials. The authorities are not responsible for the loss or damage to the property of the student.

4) Students are required to attend college regularly and punctually unless granted leave of absence by relevant authorities. They are liable to be fined if found habitually late or irregular.

5) The college authorities must be informed of the reason for any absence. A medical certificate must be produced for any absence of more than three days through sickness.

6) If a student remains absent continuously in the first term and his/her attendance does not come upto 75% of total days after adding the full, working of second term, his/her admission for the second term will be terminated.

7) No student is allowed to remain in the class after working hours except with the permission of the professor/class teacher.

8) The work carried out under the guidance of the teacher and done in the class only will be treated as class work.

9) All work executed in the class must remain in the custody of the teacher-in-charge in suitable portfolios. Works not selected for display in the college exhibition will be returned to the student.

10) The student should maintain cleanliness in their respective class rooms and studios. Any student found willfully damaging the college property will be severely dealt with. The whole class is responsible for the care of the college property and punishable collectively if the damage is not traced to and individual.

11) Change in the address must be communicated to the office.

12) Students desirous of making appeal to the Dean on any account must address the Dean through the Professor-in-charge/Class Teacher of the class.

13) The Dean reserves the right to remove any students, if in his opinion he/she is not fit or associating himself/herself with disorderly proceeding or misbehaving inside or outside the college.

Note: The rules and information in this prospectus are subject to change by the Dean without previous intimation. Changes would be notified to the students on the Notice Board.


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