Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art

Apprentice Training Course


Historical introduction of Photography, The Camera - types and uses - the accessories. The lens and the shutter. Practical techniques of focussing and making a successful exposure. Photographic emulsion - different kinds and their specialities. Chemicals used in Photography. Developing the negative - different methods and controls. Making a contact print. Making an enlargement. The Darkroom and its equipments. Requirement of a good enlarger. Lens facts - the defects and their remedies. Studio lighting - lighting for portraiture and table top, still life and special effects. Intensification, Reduction and Toning- methods and materials. Composition - principle and importance. Flash equipments and synchronization. Filters - Various types and their uses. Light of colour - introduction to the major colour systems.


Interior Decoration Design

Techniques: Draughtsmanship, Plan, Elevation, Section, Major Drawing, Perspective, Sciography, Rendering in Colour, Working Drawings.

Theory: Evolution of Design, Design through the ages from the primitive to renaissance days. Fundamentals of Design, Materials and Methods of Manufacture.

Practical: Problems consisting of interior schemes of homes, offices, shops, window display etc. Furniture design with application of theory and techniques.



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